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Being grounded at home has allowed me to take part in activities that I normally wouldn't have the time to do. I have enjoyed gardening, coloring, reading, and spending time with my family during the stay home order. Rather than looking at this as a burden, I've been blessed to look at the stay home order as a blessing. Today, I would like to share an idea that you and your family members can take part of, gardening.

Gardening is such a fun activity to do if you have little ones. My nephew had so much fun helping me plant seeds. His favorite thing to do was putting the soil into the planters.

Every summer, I always dedicate my free time to gardening. It has become an outlet for any stress that I endured from college every semester. Last year, I grew watermelons. The previous year I grew herbs such as cilantro, mint and fennel. This year, I have decided to amp up my game!

So far I have planted radishes, butter head lettuce, green peppers, poblano peppers, cucumbers, and spinach.

So far a few of the vegetables have sprouted such as the green peppers, radishes, and butterhead lettuce. In the previous photo and video you can see little sprouts start to emerge from the butterhead lettuce. In the photo above, the green peppers have sprouted. My nephew even put the seeds of the green peppers into the planter.

Planting with my nephew was so much fun that it has become a daily routine for us now when he comes over! The first place he goes is the backyard to water and check on his plants!

If you are running out of ideas to do for yourself or even for your little ones, gardening is a perfect activity to do!


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