Plan With Me: March 2020

So many awesome things happen in March! For one, my birthday is this month. One of my favorite activities that I have grown to love this semester is planning. It keeps me organized and on top of events, especially school! Also, I have sort of improved on my art skills because in all honesty, I am not much of an artist. The planner that I use is the Happy Planner which I got on sale over the summer! Here is the layout of this month's planner!

Here is the monthly layout of March. I decided to use gray, gold, green, and blue as my them colors. I also decided on a leaf theme throughout the month of March. I am so proud of how it turned out.

On the side of my planner, I normally include a habit tracker. This time I did my habit tracker on a separate paper, which I will get to in a sec.


I've learn this past semester that having goals written on paper motivates me more to complete them. Instead of writing down goals that I want to achieve each year, I chose to write down small goals that I want to achieve each month.


It's always good to have a key. That way you can keep track of what color goes with what event, holiday, birthday, etc.

To Read

My resolution this year was to read more books. I've set 5 books to reach each month to help me towards completing my resolution.

To Do

The to-do section is specifically used for deadlines for things that I need to do within that month.

The one thing I am proud of doing for this month is creating a separate habit tracker! Granted, it took me forever to do it but I am proud of how it turned out.

Daily Task

Here are a few tasks that you can include in your own habit tracker.

Book Progress

To stay on track with my resolution, I included a book progress section. It's basically a bar for each book to keep track of my progress on the book I am currently reading at the time. The farther I get in the book, the more I can color in the bar until it is filled up.

Here is how I did my weekly layout for March 2020.

Topic Blocks

So the weekly layout design for the Happy Planner only had three blocks under each day. I split each block into two sections and used each section for my school.

Important Dates

Instead of flipping back and forth from the monthly layout to each weekly layout, I put each important date section on the side of each weekly page for that week.

I enjoyed designing the layout for this month! I have also had fun filling each week out! Show me your designs of your planner! I love to see how they look!

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