7 NO ESSAY Scholarships to Apply for in July 2020

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It is a new month which means.... more scholarships to apply for! Here are 7 no-essay scholarships to sign up for this July!

1 . Student Loan Hero

Award: $1000

Description: Student Loan Hero by LendingTree is teaming up with Niche to help you take control of your finances! With $1,000 from LendingTree, you can worry less about college expenses and focus on your future. Any high school or college student should apply below to win this monthly scholarship!

Deadline: 7/31/2020

2. You Deserve It Scholarship

Award: $1,000

Description: The 'You Deserve It!' no-essay Scholarship from ScholarshipOwl awards $1,000 and takes only one minute to register. Without any further effort, you can apply to hundreds more scholarships automatically. Apply to scholarships without having to fill out repetitive application forms one application at a time. Why spend hours applying to one scholarship when you can apply to hundreds at the same time! On top of that, get automatically reapplied every time a scholarship renews. ScholarshipOwl is the only scholarship service helping you by automating the actual registration process for you. You can also get help from an account manager to help you with your applications, essays, and find more scholarships tailored for you. Don't wait, sign up now and be part of the future of scholarship applications today!

Deadline: 7/31/2020

3. Niche Scholarship

Award: $2,000

Description: We know you are busy and we know that times are tough. That is why we decided to create the easiest possible scholarship to give something back to students. Students can use the money to help cover tuition, housing, meal plans, books, computers, or any education-related expenses. The scholarship is open to all high school and college students and those planning to enroll in the next 12 months.

Deadline: 7/31/2020

4. ScholarshipPoints

Award: 10,000

Description: ScholarshipPoints will award a $10,000 scholarship to one lucky member this quarter. All you have to do to become eligible is become a ScholarshipPoints member and log in. It's simple, fun, and completely free!

Deadline: 7/31/2020

5. CouponChief.com Scholarship Program

Award: $1,000

Description: Here at Coupon Chief, we want to support young leaders that understand frugality and saving money, and how the skills and knowledge of using coupons can contribute to that end. As high school and college students form their own budgets and financial plans outside of the home, they can be challenged in these areas. We hope to help future leaders in the areas of fiscal responsibility with this scholarship.

Every year, we will award one Coupon Chief Scholarship winner with $1,000 to put towards higher education. The only requirement is to upload a 2-5 minute video to Youtube that details one of 2 things:

Introduce yourself, mentioning your grade and college you will be attending.

How you personally save money as a college student.

Your video must also include a short intro about your reasons for living a frugal lifestyle, and in the video description, link back to this scholarship page.

Deadline: 7/31/2020

6. GloFX Scholarship

Award: $500

Description: Answer the prompt below by submitting a project to scholarships@glofx.com. The project can be an essay, Powerpoint, PDF, Youtube video, or your own unique format. We want you to be creative! Videos are limited to 3 minutes and essays to 500 words.

Prompt: Every person has failed at some point in his or her life, and dealing with the outcome is rarely an enjoyable experience. However, failure is how we learn, and it allows us to see our mistakes and make changes. Describe a time in your life you tried your best and still failed. How did this shape your thinking moving forward?

Deadline: 7/31/2020

7. Peterson's Graduate Scholarship

Award: $2,500

Description: Graduate programs are expensive; and there's often less scholarship money available for post-baccalaureate studies.

In order to further our mission of promoting education after high school and lifelong learning, Peterson's is proud to sponsor a $2,500 scholarship good toward tuition at a graduate or professional degree program.

1. Fill out the form to the right

2. There is no Step 2. That's it!

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