5 Fun Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

My favorite things about Christmas is spending time with my friends and family. Looking back at the memories of family traditions, I always feel a sense of happiness and warmth! While its always great to have the same family Christmas traditions every year, its even greater to start a new tradition with family and friends, or even by yourself! Make new memories, and start new traditions that you'll cherish every year!

1.Hot Cocoa and Movie Night

Family movie night is a very treasured tradition that my family has every year. Who doesn't like drinking hot chocolate with an awesome Christmas movie to go along with it? My family's favorite movie to watch while drinking hot cocoa is Polar Express!

2. Serve Others

Christmas isn't only about receiving presents! It's also about serving others. Whether it's serving food to the homeless, donating toys to children in need, singing carols at a nursing home, or adopting someone for the holidays, there are always ways to show children the value of helping others!

3. Bake Cookies

Baking cookies is my all time favorite thing to do around the holidays! Not only are cookies delicious, they make a great Christmas gift for family and friends!

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4. See the Holiday Lights

A family I know has the most exciting holiday lights tradition! Every year, on Christmas Eve, the family would make popcorn and hot cocoa for the children. Then they would put on their Christmas Eve pajamas, pile into the car with the food and drive around to see Christmas lights!

5. Give an Annual Ornament

Every year, my mom would get an ornament for each of my siblings and I. The ornament always reflected who we are or what we did that year. Seeing my ornaments each year always bring a sense of joy and nostalgia.

There are many new traditions to pick from! Choose the traditions that work best for you and your family!

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