The Liebster Award

Hello, friends!! I am so excited to announce that the lovely Alex from Authentically Alex nominated me for the Liebster Award!! I am so humbled and excited and want to give the biggest shoutout to Alex :)

The Liebster Award is an award by bloggers and for bloggers which originated in Germany in 2011. The word “Liebster” can be translated to sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. This award recognizes bloggers who may be newer to the blogging world who have the potential to grow their blog.
10 Facts About Me:
  1. I stand at a humble 5’2 but sometimes wish I was just a bit taller so I didn’t have to stand on my tip toes and climb on shelves as often as I do.
  2. I’m a self proclaimed nerd. I think a lot of the reason I tend to do well in school is because of my anxiety so it’s a bit of a trade off, isn’t it? I do genuinely enjoy learning but wish it didn’t come with so much stress.
  3. I prefer salty over sweet. I’d choose a bag of salt and vinegar chips over a cupcake anyday.
  4. I love photography and writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing but only recently became interested in learning more about photography. Those two passions of mine are why I started this blog :)
  5. I’m ALWAYS cold. Is anybody else the same way? No matter what time of year it is or what temperature it is outside you can probably catch me on the couch under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee. OR just shivering.
  6. I’m an introvert. But you probably already know this if you’ve read my post called 5 Reasons Why Being an Introvert is a Good Thing ;)
  7. I’m obsessed with all things Christmas. This means I’m guilty of listening to Christmas music way too early on numerous occasions. I usually get the Christmas fever in July and can’t resist.
  8. My guilty pleasure is reality TV. It’s actually some of the only TV I watch. Something about seeing how other people go through life and how they deal with the challenges they’re faced with is so fascinating to me. I also feels like it makes me a more empathetic person but maybe that’s just me trying to justify.
  9. I love traveling but I’m also such a homebody. I’m a lover of home comforts and sleeping in my own bed except for when I’m traveling. But when it’s time to go home, I always feel ready to do so.
  10. I’m a cat person. This doesn’t mean I dislike dogs or don’t shout “DOG!” when I pass by one but I’ve always innately been a cat lover.

Short Interview:
  1. What is one place you haven’t been that is on the top of your bucket list?
My travel bucket list is so long that I refuse to pick one that’s at the top so I’ll just name a bunch: Iceland, the UK, Norway, Greece, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, Austria, Africa, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, and literally anywhere else my bank account and schedule will allow.  
  1. What is the most daring experience you’ve ever had?
I’ve been ziplining on numerous occasions which is kinda crazy I guess ??? I’ll do almost anything that doesn’t involve swimming in the middle of a body of water without any sort of flotation device. I can swim but my stamina is pitiful.
  1. What is your biggest accomplishment?
I think my biggest accomplishment so far is just going through a few major challenged in my life but still managing to become someone I’m proud of. Of course I couldn’t have done that without leaning into my family and friends but I’d like to think a lot of that was internal too.
  1. What’s your biggest fear?
Drowning literally sounds like the worst way to die which is probably why I hate swimming in the middle of deep bodies of water. I think the root of that fear is the fact that it’d be a long, drawn out way to die.
  1. What’s a hidden talent you have?
It’s not really a secret (it’s just lame) but I really enjoy the process of writing a formal research essay. Learning more about something I’m interested in and writing about it feels empowering (lol sorry, I know).
  1. What’s an activity, craft or sport that you want to learn how to do?
I’ve always wanted to be better at drawing in general but I really want to get better at watercoloring too.

My Nominees:
Lexi: LMKStyle
Mariam: Tea and Maz
Maddy & Janine: Find the Beautyy

Task for nominees:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog in your post.
  • Upload the award to your blog. It can be done as a blog or on the sidebar.
  • Answer the questions above.
  • Nominate 5 blogs who you believe deserve to receive the award.
  • Notify the nominated bloggers so that they can accept the award.

    -Ashley xx


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me and congratulations on the award. I’m always cold too, especially around this time of year. It takes me forever to get warm. I’m an introvert too. It’s easy for me to chat with people online than it is in person sometimes.

    1. You're so so sooo welcome for the nomination!! A little recognition always feels good :) & yes, I totally agree that it's sometimes easier to type stuff out than talk to people in real life sometimes. I love the internet for that haha. Thank you for the comment, Pae!! Much love <33 (ps, you're the first person to ever comment on a blog post of mine so thanks again!)


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