Friends & Fairy Photoshoots

Several months ago, my friend Hannah came to me and told me she wanted to do a fairy themed photoshoot which of course I was down for it in a second. The soft colors and natural vibes of fairies has always been appealing to me which made me super duper excited for this one. As a lover of mythological creatures and Disney movies, I cannot think of a more fitting theme for Hannah’s photoshoot. We took a modern spin on the classic fairy with a tiny touch of vintage and created a natural look that was uniquely Hannah. All it took was a little bit of makeup, a gorgeous pink skirt, a vintage looking journal, and a little bouquet of Baby’s Breath. I absolutely love when people come to me with a vision that represents what they love and who they are. Photoshoots that reflect the essence of the individual are truly some of the most rewarding.

-Ashley xx


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